Tips Maximizing Your Home Value

Are Style Choices Decreasing the Value of Your Home?

Competition in the housing market is fierce, and that’s true for both sides of the equation. Home buyers have to compete with everyone else looking to find a property, while homeowners have to stand out among the crowd of other properties on the market. According to experts, interior design can make or break a real estate deal, and you won’t believe what style choices might make it a bit difficult to get your home to sell.

Wallpaper Can Sink a Real Estate Deal

Yes, bold, bright wallpaper is in style right now, but the pattern you pick is unlikely to appeal to all potential buyers. You want a buyer to envision themselves in your home, and a bold wallpaper makes it difficult for them to do that. Additionally, wallpaper is notoriously difficult to remove, so if a potential buyer doesn’t absolutely adore your kitschy turtle wallpaper in your guest bathroom, they’ll see it as just another task to complete once they move in. That’s the opposite of what you want to convey.

Bright Paint Makes a Home Difficult to Sell

It might be the year of coral, but when it comes to selling a home, you’ll want to wipe bright paints from your color palette. Bright paint colors might make your home feel happy to you, but for most home buyers, it is going to seem like a little bit too much. Before you put your home on the market, consider repainting the place in a neutral color scheme. The investment in a paint job will more than pay for itself when the house moves quickly.

Large Furniture can Ruin Your Aesthetic

Your large sectional couch might be cozy and comfortable. It might be the perfect place to host a massive game night, but homebuyers are just going to see a small room with too much furniture. Real estate experts suggest removing large pieces of furniture or anything that doesn’t serve an important purpose. You want your rooms to look spacious and inviting. Too much furniture will make the space look cramped, leading to fewer offers.

Bold Patterns can Drive Potential Buyers Away

Just like bold, bright wallpaper and saturated paint hues, bold patterns can drive potential buyers away from even viewing your home. Intricate tiles are a prime example of permanent fixtures that can cause a problem, but even non-permanent items, like a comforter, can make buyers think twice about viewing a home. Why is that? Simply put, a bold quilt or rug draws the viewers eye away from the home in online photos, and you want people perusing your listing to remember the house, not your paisley throw pillows.

A Statement Door Might Make the Wrong Statement

Statement doors are trendy right now. It makes sense, too. A brightly colored door is undoubtedly appealing, but your statement door might be making the wrong statement. Real estate experts suggest keeping your statement door as neutral as possible. Swap out bright yellows and reds, for a more muted blue or black. The color will still draw attention to the door, but won’t be too distracting.

Update Before You Sell

It might seem unnecessary to change up the interior of your home right before you sell it, but it is actually the perfect time to do some redecorating. To get a home sold, you have to remove your family from the property so potential buyers can envision themselves in it. Neutral colors, clean and uncluttered rooms and plenty of curb appeal can make that happen, leading to more offers, more quickly.